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Warranty obligations and product quality issues

The SIZiv company guarantees the quality of the entire product line, which is supported by a multi-level quality control system. However, occasionally there are situations related to the return or exchange of shipped products. To use this mechanism, please read the rules established in our company.

Possible problems and ways to solve them

  • Checking the completeness of the order and the quality of goods is carried out during the acceptance of the consignment. If you have any questions or complaints, you must document the situation, as well as immediately send a request by mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In the subject line of the letter, it is necessary to indicate “Claim for order number”. Please describe the situation in detail, attach photographs illustrating the essence of the claim. Be sure to photograph the packaging! The claim must be substantiated. Failure to comply with the rules of transportation, storage is tantamount to rejection of the claim;
  • In case of mis-grading, orders must be made up of an actual list of the goods received, accompanied by copies of documents, and then sent by mail. In the subject line, please indicate "Re-grading by order number". If such situations are found, please do not break the packaging in order to maintain the quality and appearance of the returned products;
  • If you find an erroneously generated order, please contact the manager with explanations. SIZiv is ready to meet customers halfway. The cost of return delivery in such cases is not compensated, after the return of the product, the funds are returned to the client's account, and a new order is formed;
  • When exchanging defective products, all costs of returning and sending a new batch of goods are borne by SIZiv. This kind of exchange is carried out within 24 hours plus the time of delivery of the goods to the client's warehouse.

In other cases, all situations are considered separately, and decisions are made on an individual basis in agreement with clients.

Simple terms of return

Returned items must be new and include their original packaging and purchase documents. Goods with traces of use, violation of storage and transportation rules, as well as mechanical damage, cannot be returned (exchanged).

The SIZiv company can afford an individual approach to the above situations, since our practice of such cases is very few. We guarantee the quality of all our products!

Quality certificates:

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