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Buy quality underwear from Ivanovo

In February 2020, the expedition of the famous TV channel ended, during which the presenters and the film crew covered 1200 km across the icy continent. Even though it was summer, underwear from Ivanovo saved me from the harsh summer temperatures at the South Pole.

Winter underwear from Ivanovo will save you in severe frost in the Central Federal District

The right underwear solves two opposite problems. On the one hand, moisture removal to reduce heat loss. On the other hand, to provide external protection against hypothermia. In synthetic versions of well-known manufacturers, frost formation, icing of sweating zones and other unpleasant effects occur.

Our models are free from most of these disadvantages:

  • Natural multi-layer fabrics (footer, liner, mostly 100% cotton), providing an optimal level of thermal protection;
  • High hygroscopicity without frost formation is guaranteed by the structure of natural fibers;
  • The thick canvas has a natural air gap that increases thermal insulation;
  • The inner part of the underwear does not require frequent maintenance and washing.

Again, skeptics will say that hygiene suffers without washing. But we rely more on the opinion of extreme athletes who put our things to the test in the harshest conditions. From the foothills of Everest to the frozen steppes of Mongolia. People who decided to buy underwear in Ivanovo, and not in a foreign online store.

And this is the right choice, because natural materials will significantly reduce the risk of frostbite, freezing and are able to provide an acceptable microclimate.

The tasks that we set for underwear

Our task is to provide comfort and convenience to those who wear it. We work on properties, body warming conditions and other characteristics without focusing on extreme weather conditions. This does not mean that our underwear will not protect against frost, the production of SIZiv in Ivanovo uses the latest achievements.

Just to warn you, even our products have limits of protection against hypothermia, protection against moisture and water, and limitations in comfort in harsh climates. Therefore, contact the consultants, they will help you choose the right options, and supplement the equipment if necessary. To eliminate risks not related to the level of protective properties of our products.

It's a pleasure to do business with us, join the number of grateful partners and clients and you!

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