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Waterproof clothing in Ivanovo

Waterproof clothing is used in a variety of work industries, manufacturing and industrial areas. Many people think that the main model is a raincoat, but this is not so. The company's catalog contains a wide range of waterproof items for protection from rain, adverse weather conditions. The fabrics and textiles used have a high level of resistance to moisture and other negative conditions and factors.

470 ₽ / unit
1 unit per package
98 ₽ / unit
1 unit per package
98 ₽ / unit
1 unit per package
650 ₽ / unit
1 unit per package

For what purposes can you buy overalls from the rain?

Waterproof items have found wide application not only in work areas, but also in everyday life. If, when performing labor duties, they are used for the implementation of construction work, road construction and repairs, utilities and agriculture, then in the domestic sphere they are used for hunting and fishing. Regardless of the purpose, in the SIZiv company you can purchase a high quality protective wardrobe that will protect you from snow, rain, strong winds for a long time.

Many years ago, to create moisture-resistant textiles, additional components were used, for example, wax, oil, tallow, which were applied to the surface of the canvas. Today, such manipulations are in the past. Our organization uses high-tech fabric processing methods. This allows not only to extend the life of things, but also to increase the possible load on them.

Waterproof clothing from Ivanovo: our advantages

The organization offers its clients the best conditions for cooperation. Among our advantages are:

  • Low prices for all commodity items, additional favorable conditions for bulk orders;
  • Full compliance of production with the accepted GOST standards;
  • High quality of materials used, careful selection of canvases;
  • Use of modern additional technologies for protecting textiles from moisture;
  • Large model and size range, availability of large size clothing;
  • The ability to order a batch of any volume, excellent offers for payment and delivery of goods.

If you need waterproof clothing, read the information in the card (price, quality and performance characteristics, individual properties of the fabric). If you have questions about the assortment or the details of the order, you can call the phones indicated for consultation or order a call at a convenient time for you. You can place an order through an online application via the Internet.

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