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LLC "SIZiv" informs customers that our company makes mutual settlements only by bank transfer. Payment is made according to the invoices after the completion of the full agreement and the formation of the order.

Please inform us about payment by mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., indicating in the subject line "Payment by invoice number". This will speed up payment processing, picking, and order dispatch. If it is more convenient for you to inform us by phone call, please use the office number in Ivanovo +7 (4932) 23-38-32.

What to consider

  • The invoices of payments are issued by the manager who leads the order, he also conducts their correction, if necessary. If the invoice has not been paid within 5 working days, please update it, it will take only a few minutes;
  • Non-standard payment options (excluding VAT, etc.) are discussed on an individual basis, and SIZiv always meets customers halfway;
  • After receiving the payment, we form a complete set of accounting documents. The originals are sent together with the consignment, if necessary, you can receive scanned copies by e-mail. The accounting department of the company "SIZiv" is grateful to all clients who promptly return the signed copies of documents;
  • Reconciliation of settlements is carried out at the request of the client within 3-4 working days from the date of application. If necessary, additional documents are issued within the same period;
  • Matters of deferred payments, partial payment of an invoice, and other individual wishes are discussed separately with the company's management. Under normal conditions of cooperation, shipment is made after 100% payment for the order;
  • Wholesale discounts, the cost of goods sold and other promotions from the SIZiv company are taken into account when invoicing. The possibility of paying for the delivery service to the account of SIZiv LLC is discussed separately. We remind you that delivery of batches of knitwear from 30000 rubles is carried out by us free of charge.

Please note that our company does not work with cash, electronic money and other types of payments, including mutual settlements of counterparties. To make payments that are not related to payment for goods, you can contact the managers who will provide the details of our company.

For other financial issues, advice can be obtained from a manager who works with your company.

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