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Buy excellent leathers from Ivanovo

The SIZiv company supplies high-quality leathers from Ivanovo with increased protective characteristics. The range consists of options for hand protection with different levels of safety, we recommend that you clarify the working conditions and consult to ensure maximum protection.

280 ₽ / couple
60 couple per package
50 ₽ / couple
100 couple per package
65 ₽ / couple
100 couple per package
45 ₽ / couple
100 couple per package
55 ₽ / couple
100 couple per package
145 ₽ / couple
60 couple per package
130 ₽ / couple
80 couple per package
205 ₽ / couple
60 couple per package
250 ₽ / couple
60 couple per package
250 ₽ / couple
60 couple per package
255 ₽ / couple
60 couple per package

Leathers prices in Ivanovo are low and the level of protection is high

We are assured of safety by the quality of materials (made in Russia), the technologies used and the modernized production base. As a result, clients receive:

  • Vachegs or leathers are one-piece, without internal seams. Which adds comfort when working in difficult conditions;
  • Reinforced structures that protect not only from molten metal drops, but also from mechanical damage;
  • Double stitching with strong threads, which prolongs the service life even with intensive use;
  • Thoughtful sockets that allow you to instantly drop the glove in the event of an emergency;
  • Protective gloves that allow you to work a shift without loss of comfort for 4-5 hours. This is important for installers working in extreme conditions;
  • Lightweight mittens with handhelds at a nice price making them a consumable;
  • A wide range of options: from gloves to mittens, which does not affect the level of safety of tactile sensations.

Since 1997 we have been making leathers for a welder from Ivanovo, and since 1999 - for welders in all corners of Russia.

You can buy leathers in Ivanovo quickly and profitably

Considering the complexity of the products, most commodity items provide for delivery from 1 piece. We will send samples for review, but only after payment. Placement of an order is possible through the basket on the website, the service "order a call back" or by sending an application to the mail (you will need to download the price list first).

If you have any questions, the manager will contact you to clarify the details. In order for high-quality leathers to reach you on time, SIZiv LLC, a manufacturer from Ivanovo, offers a re-delivery service. Inform the assigned manager about the estimated consumption of items in the period of time, and he will remind you of the need to re-purchase to replenish stock. At the same time, we estimate the logistics terms, taking into account the remoteness of your enterprise.

It is convenient, comfortable and profitable to do business with us, given our long history and the number of grateful clients. We invite you to evaluate not only the quality of PPE, but also our services, which you will definitely like.

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