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Buy quality gloves cotton, PVC from Ivanovo

Before buying gloves in Ivanovo from our company, indicate the main features of the production process. A private buyer usually buys "with a margin"; with a large volume, this will result in unnecessary costs.

Knitted gloves
10 ₽ / couple
500 couple per package
11 ₽ / couple
500 couple per package
11 ₽ / couple
400 couple per package
12 ₽ / couple
400 couple per package
14 ₽ / couple
400 couple per package
15 ₽ / couple
400 couple per package

Cotton pair or polyvinyl chloride?

By supplying gloves in bulk directly from the manufacturer in Ivanovo, we have studied many situations of their use. A cotton pair is good for jobs with little risk of injury and long run times. Polyvinyl chloride has its advantages, including for providing better adhesion to the work object.

Here is just a small list (the number and purpose of a protective pair for hands is much wider):

  • Cotton gloves are sold in bulk for simple jobs, sometimes from the manufacturer from Ivanovo they ask to assemble a set of additional insulation for gloves;
  • A PVC coating is not suitable for insulation, but it will provide a reliable grip of the hands even with a part completely covered with oils;
  • Rubber, latex or latex coated, acrylic or split, terry or knitted;
  • Nylon, nitrile coated or latex foam.

You can't list everything, so before buying gloves in bulk from the manufacturer from Ivanovo, the SIZiv company, specify for what purpose. Perhaps a simple cotton pair will be the right option.

Fine work requires "feel" with your fingers

One of the features of finger and hand protection in solving opposite problems. On the one hand, it is required to increase protection against mechanical damage, on the other hand, to maintain the sensitivity of the fingers for delicate work.

Not all PVC gloves advertised by the best manufacturer from Ivanovo meet these conflicting requirements. Most people prefer to use a six-thread with a thick coating. At the same time, cost savings are achieved due to the poor quality of fixation on the wrist. It seems to be a good pair, but it subsides and it is inconvenient to work in it.

Our cotton and pvc gloves from Ivanovo do not have this drawback, although it is not easy for technologists to maintain a reasonable balance of mutually exclusive characteristics. And we have achieved a low cost price due to the volume of production, and not a decrease in quality.

You can save money, we are ready to offer a reasonable price compromise that provides employees with sufficient hand protection. In order not to overpay, inform the manager of our company what your employees are doing. We will select the right pair, the cost of which will meet your expectations.

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